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  • Hi All,

    Using W3 Total Cache, I have just distributed a video on the Amazon Cloudfront CDN and have been testing it with mediaelement.js. It is working well on Windows 7 (Chrome and IE9) and Windows XP Pro (Chrome and IE8). But, it does not play in Firefox ver 16.01 on either Windows 7 or Windows XP. On Win 7 / Firefox, I see the poster and controls, click play and it tries to play showing the dotted download circle, but does not complete. On Win XP / Firefox, I only see a black rectangle – no controls or anything.

    Firefox does work in Win 7 if I play the video from the origin server where mediaelement.js is installed, i.e. not from Amazon Cloudfront CDN. It still has issues in Win XP – it plays the video but the controls cannot be activated by the mouse. So, it plays once then stops and cannot be played again.

    So this appears to be an issue with Firefox and the Amazon Cloudfront CDN. Does anyone know why Firefox does not like playing the video from the Amazon Cloudfront CDN?


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  • Does Amazon send the correct mimetype?

    Thanks for that pointer and you could be correct. Just checked the MIME types for the video files in the Amazon S3 bucket. They are correct for the MP4 (set to “video/mp4”) and OGG files (set to “video/ogg”), but not for the WEBM (has the “application/octet-stream” mime type).

    I will set it correctly and test again…

    Hi, esesde, thanks for the thumbs up. It’s working okay now from the Amazon CDN.

    In addition, but unrelated to the CDN MIME type issue, I also had to tidy up a few manual minify settings in W3 Total Cache.

    1) It’s not a good idea to minify mediaelement-and-player.min.js and mediaelementplayer.css to the CDN. Causes issues that maybe someone else can comment on.

    2) I’m also using the Sociable plug in. It’s not a good idea to minify sociable.css to the CDN either. You won’t see the sociable icons.

    You should reach out to the plugin author and ask them to either check their code for minify compatibility or try combine only mode in W3TC.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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