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    Hi all

    I’m using v2.10.3 of MediaElement with WordPress 3.5.1.

    My problem is that a video embedded with MediaElement isn’t playing on iPhones (in Safari, I guess). As one iPhone 4 user put it, “the video screen has a strike-through image on it”.

    However it works correctly in the browsers I’ve tested on Windows (IE, FF, Chrome) and, according to other people, on Macs. It also worked in the iPhone 4 emulation in Adobe Device Central, for what it’s worth.

    The URL is (about half way down, under “Sound Editing to Picture”)

    The video itself is an mp4 file with H.264 video and AAC audio. It’s 36MB.

    The code that I am using is [video src="" preload="none" width="400" height="320"]

    Can anyone help? Have I made a mistake in the code or video format?


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  • I’d really like to resolve this. Should I be posting elsewhere for a faster response?

    Will the version of MediaElement in WP 3.6 core have improved compatibility with iPhones?

    Any info would be appreciated.

    I noticed today on the site that it states of h.264 files that:

    the drawback is that h.264 is not fully open and only works in IE9 and Safari under HTML5

    Now my file is indeed an h.264 file, but according to the “browser and device support” table on the same page, it appears to be one of the most widely compatible formats. So presumably it should still play in Safari under iOS, even in HTML5 mode?

    Again: is there any way to get assistance with this issue, please?

    I’m having audio issues with the WP 3.6 release. I posted on the alpha/beta forum. Maybe try upgrading to 3.6 and see if it resolves your issue? If not, stay with 3.6 and post to the alpha/beta forum. Maybe you’ll have better results there.

    What problems are you having?

    TBH if you’re having audio problems with 3.6, then it doesn’t sound like a good idea for me to upgrade in order to solve the video problem in case it introduces an audio problem. O_O

    Prior to trying MediaElement, I tried the code suggested at for providing fallback embedded formats, but found that WordPress removes that code upon saving (as I described in my first post here: link).

    So I’m stumped as to what to do next.

    In the end, I solved this by re-encoding the video using different settings. Turns out that the iPhone is very particular about the encoding.

    It would have been helpful if the MediaElement documentation had mentioned that encoding makes a difference to compatibility — the current documentation suggests that ANY H.264 file will work on ALL of the devices and browsers shown on the plugin homepage.


    I am having the same problem with a site I am working on, could you please tell me how you changed the encoding to work ? The problem I am having now is that my videos will not play on the newer apple devices like iphone 5s, but work on all other devices, and on my older ipad.



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    @angel7499: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    This 8 month old topic references an old version of WordPress.

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