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  • I need to put up a link to a video on a page, but I have a question. if I used something like this:

    <a href="video/2008.mp4">Play a video file</a>

    It opens in a new window (well, the same window, new page), and I wanted to know, doesn’t the person viewing the video have to have something to view the video in installed to their computer or else it would prompt them to download something, is that right?

    The client I am doing the site for wants something more like a link that opens up the video, maybe in something like a lightbox or something. Is there a plugin out there that can do this? He doesn’t want the video actually embedded on the page, but I also don’t think he will want the viewer to have to download anything to view the video. Is there a way around this? Or like I said, a plugin that does what I’m looking for?

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  • <a href="javascript:void();" onclick="'video/2008.mp4','Video Name','width=640,height=340,resizable=yes,');">Play a video file</a>

    Do a search via for Video Lightbox and you’ll find a bunch of plug-ins that can do Lightbox effects for Videos, might need to play with a few to find the one that works best for you though.

    Was I right that the viewer will need to have the player installed in order to view the video or how does that work?

    Yes you are right, best bet, upload it to your YouTube channel if you don’t know how to create a custom player and use the YouTube Embed URL on the pop-up window.

    Yes, if you just use the code you mentioned, the person would have to have a compatible player, but as others have said, you could try a video player plugin.

    If I were to try one, I think I would try this one as it uses HTML5 (will work on iPads) and has a flash fallback as well:

    Good luck!

    The plugin seems to only work for YouTube or Vimeo videos, not self-hosted videos, FYI. Not sure about the other one.

    I tried the Shadowbox.js one and it works beautifully. The only question I have is, you mentioned that you can either use a video player plugin or create a custom player. If I used a video player plugin, would that mean that my videos would open in whatever player plugin I have installed and it wouldn’t matter if they had a compatible player or not? Because if so, this would probably be my best option, since i don’t know how to create a custom player. I just want something that plays mp4s. On my computer, it’s opening in Quicktime, but I don’t want users to have to have a player installed if possible Please advise, thanks!

    By the way, here’s the link to what I have currently:

    Twilitegxa – By saying you can use a video player plugin means that you’ll have to use something like YouTube or JW player. But based upon your experience your best bet is to upload the video to YouTube and use the embed code provided.

    I think you don’t fully understand how video on the web works so I’ll try to quickly boil it down for you. Your video file is stored on your server and the person viewing the file needs the software installed on their computer to see the video but you cannot rely on just simply serving up a standard MP4 video file.

    Commonly videos on the web are encoded as FLV files and then played using a flash player, this is because there is something like 98% of people have the flash player installed on there computers, making the file compatible for almost everyone to see.

    YouTube and all other major video sites use Flash players, well it used to be like that but with the new HTML 5 video tag things will be getting mixed tossed around as time moves forward and the web evolves.

    Anyway my absolute best advice for you is to either upload the video to YouTube and use there embed code or hire someone to create a custom video player and learn how to serve each video file through that player but the cheapest, fastest and easiest way for you is going to be YouTube.

    P.S. As Ursula has mentioned if you don’t want to upload your video to YouTube and you want to self-host it, then yes install the plugin from

    Once installed test the video file to see if its working, if it doesn’t play you may have to re-encode the video file into a FLV or as the HTML 5 standard Ogg format.



    bizzyLabs, you seem to know something about creating pop-up windows for media content and I need help.

    I am extremely new to wordpress and html. I have the JW player which I’m using to play mp3s. Ideally I would like them to open in a small pop-up window with the audio player, and room for a logo, image and maybe some text. Basically I want it to work exactly the way works when you hit the ‘PLAY’ button. I see the code you put up top concerning lightbox, but I really don’t care about lighting changes etc so can you talk me through it? Also where am I supposed to be writing this code? in the page editer? in a .php? in style.css?

    I’m very inexperienced with this stuff so thanks in advance for your help.

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