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    I am still building my website, and I have your plug-in active and a link set up to a video. Everything seems to work fine, and then all of a sudden the video is gone, and the text for the link is gone from my customization window. I copy and paste the link back into the window and refresh and its back. Is this a problem that only happens while customizing, or will this continue while the site is live?

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    I want to apologize for my belated response.

    Maybe you changed the type of video (Single video, playlist, channel) while editing because in that case, it will switch to another input.

    Will you please check?


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    Hello, I apologise for my late reply.

    No, this bug is not because I am changing the type of video, (or anything else within the video or script of the video), this bug seems to happen any time I change anything on the web page itself. If I change anything in the customization,(for anything on the page), I have to reinsert the shortcode for the video again.

    Also, nothing else on the page disappears in this manner, only the shortcode for the video does this. So this bug only seems to affect the shortcode for the video, nothing else on the entire page, and happens when I enter customization and change anything on the page.

    I hope that this is only a bug that happens when I am customizing and that it will not happen at random times while the site is live.

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    Another note for you. This seems to happen on the shortcode I entered into a content block using the highlight theme. No other text disappears when I customize the page, only the shortcode.
    I have also found that on the other pages,(not the home page), when I enter your shortcode into a paragraph block, it does not disappear but is stable.
    I do not know if this is a glitch in your program or the highlight theme, but it is worth noting. And if you investigate and find it is an error on their part, would you be willing to pass on the info to them, I’m sure they would listen to you before me on the issue. I’m used to people passing me around and instantly making the assumption that it is another programs fault and not their own.
    Thank you.

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