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  • Hi, I read that Video Gallery plugin is based on custom post type, and saving the video details in post table.
    On the blog page, however, the video does not appear…
    I would like to see the video as a blog post, in the blog, and not having to make another “normal” post with the shortcode of the video to put on the blog … is it possible?

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  • Hi,

    Yes it is possible to add video in your blog using the below shortcode.

    [hdvideo id=11 playlistid=4 width=400 height=400] – Your Id should be added under the mentioned playlist id. For eg: you have added a video (id = 11) under the category ID 4.

    [hdvideo playlistid=5] – To call videos from particular category

    [hdvideo id=10] – To call particular video

    [hdvideo playlistid=2 relatedvideos=on] – To call videos from particular category with related videos outside the player with slider.

    [hdvideo id=4 flashvars=autoplay=true&zoomIcon=false] – You can control the player settings b mentioning flashvars.

    [hdvideo id=1 ratingscontrol=on views=on title=on] – To enable ratings, views and title with the player.

    Make sure the you have video in the mentioned video ID. If you are still facing any difficulties in this, please share your site link.

    Hi, I know how to add videos to posts.

    I try to explain better:

    I add a video in wordpress video gallery, es with id=1 -> automatically creates a post that I do not see in the blog (blog=list of posts) with post-type “videogallery”.

    If I want to see the video in the blog (blog=list of posts), I have to add ANOTHER post, with [hdvideo id=1].

    Result: I have 2 identical posts, one for video gallery and one for the blog.
    So, doing a search, I find all the posts with video doubles: the one with post-type “video gallery” the other with post-type “post”.

    Question: Is it possible to see the posts, created automatically when I insert a video, into my blog, without having to make another post with the video in it?


    Please note that the video gallery plugin is based on custom post type. So when you add a new video, it will not display the post in WordPress post section. Our plugin has its own section. To view the posts of videos, please open /plugins/contus-video-gallery/hdflvvideoshare.php and find ‘show_ui’. Now replace ‘false’ with ‘true’. Now you can see a new menu (Contus Video Gallery) in admin panel. (Please refer Here you can find the respective posts. (Note : Please ensure that no changes are made to the short code of these video posts.)

    You can also refer If you have any other queries feel free to contact us.

    Hi, thanks, this is very usefull for me, I see the posts in new menu and i can add the featured images, but posts with post-type “videogallery” created by Contus video gallery when add a new video not yet appear in my blog (=list of post).


    Please contact our supporting team at So that we can check and assist you accordingly.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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