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  • Can anyone recommend a good video gallery for WP? I use NextGen Gallery for images and am very happy with it, but can’t find a similar plugin – something that sorts and displays pages of thumbnails & descriptions that would lead to the videos.

    My clips would be hosted on my server, i.e. no YouTube or similar. MOV or MP4 format. Don’t need a ton of features, just the basics. Really having a hard time finding such a thing!

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    Vipers Video Quicktags has always been my favorite 🙂

    I have checked that one out and could be mistaken, but…

    My impression is that VVQ basically embeds the video itself and plays it. What I need is a gallery application that sorts thumbnails with captions and ideally link directly to the video. For example, I could customize the gallery pages to show 4 rows & 5 columns of video thumbnails per page. Additional clips added would get sorted to new pages, etc.

    Basically I’ll be working with hundreds of clips and want a dynamic way of organizing them.



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    Got it. Video Plugins which can do cool thinks which you want that I’ve found require hosting of the video files in their server (Cincopa, Kaltura) – which was not what you wanted.

    Paid Themes – incorporated video plugin with thumbnail auto-generation
    – “Video Flick Theme”, “Video Elements Theme” and “On Demand Video Theme” at

    Perhaps others can chime in to share whether they’ve noticed a free plugin to do what you want.

    Thanks for the replies mercime.
    I noticed those themes too, unfortunately already have a customized one. And hosting the files elsewhere is a non-starter.

    I’m looking into doing a NextGen hack for this, but with my (lack of) coding skills it ain’t going to be elegant! If it even works.

    Quite surprised that among the hundreds of superb plugins there isn’t something that will do this. Maybe I’m missing a hidden gem, but after a few hours searching last night no luck. If anyone else has any suggestions I’d very much appreciate them…

    see this thread
    I’ve been looking for the exact same thing. the guy in the thread above says he’s been able to get a solution, unfortunately I’ve been able to duplicate it. if u have better luck pls let me know!
    also check out simple FLV player
    no gallery,, but u will get thumbnails, so if u dont mind a one column gallery…or maybe u can edit the code somehow?
    good luck

    tried the listed options…would also like to self host…

    is there anything available?

    MOV files would make things a lot easier…


    I’m looking for the same thing. Would even pay a reasonable amount for a plug-in that could show the thumbnail and click to play the video.

    Ditto. Need video gallery for self hosted video clips: .mov and .swf

    well…a bunch of us want this…i’m doing a pretty intense process of converting MOV files to FLV and streaming…but I don’t have a gallery at all…

    If you still need a solution try this one. It does a nice lightbox effect and has thumbnails and descriptions. The only problem for me is that I think it only supports flv, however I myself need to test it with other formats to be sure.

    I have been using Shadowbox gallery plugin. It works so far quite as I expected with .mov files. I never tried it with other file formats, but I guess it would work fine with .swf files as well.
    The thumbnails are inserted singularly into the content of every post, while the hook to Shadowbox is inserted in Edit image > Advanced settings.

    Here is an example:

    hope it helps!

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