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  • I have a beta version of a site that I maintain that I recently put on 2.5 as a test to replace the current 2.3.3 version that my production site is currently running. On the current site, I have three plugins installed that are required for my site’s operation.

    Anarchy Media Player

    After copying over the plugins from my running production site and setting them up on the 2.5 beta site, I have discovered a few glitches regarding the placement of video files.

    First, I was unable to get the built-in media embedding control to accept the advanced options for Windows Media files such as .wvx playlists. I could not disable auto-starting the video.

    Second, I could create a simple link to a .wvx file, and Anarchy Media Player would work appropriately – but the new paragraph centering tool only works for text, and to center the resulting graphical image in my post requires adding a <center> tag in the HTML view.

    Third, I would really love to see some of Anarchy Media Player’s functionality added to the WordPress options. The feature that’s most important to me is from my personally modified copy of AMP, which allows for any Windows Media (In my site’s case, WVX playlist) file to initially be presented as a JPG that’s been saved in the same location as the WVX file assigned to it.

    For example, when I embed a video on the 2.3.3 site using AMP, if I have the files video.wvx and video.wvx.jpg in the same directory, the jpg will be displayed first and the playlist started inline with the page as soon as the image is clicked on. I would love to see this functionality added to WordPress, even if not automatically based on filename.

    Is there anything I can do to try and fix any of these issues myself short of custom-coding things?

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