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  • Could you give me a tip on how to use video embeds (like from vimeo) on my theme design? The way I have it designed is that it grabs the attached images that are uploaded and arrays them, however, if someone wants to embed video they have to expand the text-information area because there is no way to ‘attach’ a video and the only option to embed is to use the intended area for text only. Take this page of the theme demo for example – if someone was to embed a video they would have to paste the code into the post editor and it would break the layout, because it would extend into the space that it automatically arranges images in (such as the XPNSN one). I’d like to be able to show embedded or uploaded videos in the same area that I am outputting the images.

    I use this function code in Functions.php:
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    Then I display the images in the Single.php file using this:

    <div id="imgcontent">
    <?php my_attachment_gallery(0, 'large', 'alt="' . $post->post_title . '"'); ?>

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    How can I have it show any embedded or attached video where the image attachments are in the loop?

    Thanks for your time…any help you can provide would really help me out alot.

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