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    Hello and thanks for looking in. I have a WP site and use my blog and would like to embed video via my library, Yet when I do, I get only a black place holder where the video should be parked. I did attach it, I am using Viper Video tags too. I noticed under settings I have choices of players (which is what I think is going on?)
    Under settings/video quicktags there are choices
    Flash Video (FLV)
    JW’s FLV Media Player is covered by the Creative Commons Noncommercial
    license which means you cannot use it on a commercial website.

    Generic Video File
    This part of the plugin is fairly buggy as embedding video files is complex.

    Consider trying TinyMCE’s native video embedder instead.
    ( I tried unchecking those and then checking them but no luck)

    Other choice is to embed via youtube channel however…
    I don’t like to use youtube as when the video is done playing it shows other channels or videos of others at the bottom of my video after being played.
    I do not want to use JWplayer because of infringement rights I make videos for peoples websites so I think there is a license issue (I just realized)

    Is there a video skin player I can use on a website that won’t charge me to use it nor will I be infringing on copy? Please if you answer and this is elementary to you understand I am a videographer and editor more then a web guy so simple step by step would be appreciated.
    Regards and thanks in advance for any help or links

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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