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  • I need to be able to offer video downloads from my WP site in some sort of pass protection way.

    Basically, my site is all videos and I want to offer a free download to a certain segment of people.

    Is there a way to do this with a plugin?


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    You could try Easy Digital Downloads.

    Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. This doesn’t seem to be the solution.

    Here’s what I’m after.

    Existing videos (from youtube) are on my WP site.

    I need something that will make all these videos downloadable. A plugin would be ideal, but maybe one doesn’t exist?

    The issue with EDD is I had to create the downloads and then there were new pages, payment gateways, etc that are confusing and cumbersome for the user.

    I need my current videos to have some sort of button that says “download now”, and they can do it from the site?

    Any other suggestions?


    Thanks, but that did not work either.

    Here’s the issue, and maybe I’m not explaining it correctly, or maybe there’s just not a way to do it???

    **I already have videos on my site. I need them to have a button that says “download here” or “download this”…whatever. All these plugins require me to upload the videos and thus creates new posts/pages, etc.

    I don’t want to do that. I need them to be downloadable where they currently live.

    I’ve tried some other plugins but they didn’t work either. Any other suggestions?


    upload video files in media, you may need to increase the upload size bit more if your video size is bigger.

    then in your code write something

    <a href="your full path of video">download video</a>

    How does this allow users to actually download the video? Isn’t what you suggest just a way to label it?

    I need random visitors to be able to download the videos that already exist, by clicking on a button from the video.

    Is what you suggest the way to do this?

    if you put your full video path then users will be able to download the video.

    full video path means complete url which may end with .avi or .mpg etc.


    Zakirr this just plays the video, it doesn’t download it. Short of explaining to people to “right click this link and then select ‘Save As’ or ‘Save Link As'” there doesn’t seem to be a plugin that I have found for WP that allows people to download the video. There are heaps of players, just don’t have the option for guests to download the video. khamilton have you found a solution yet? I thought I had one with Vixy Embed YouTube and Download, but it just doesn’t work when you go to ‘download’. Not for me anyway.



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