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  • Hello, I’m searching about that : The page content a video. To be able to click on one of the buttons of the menu, user has to see the video completly. I know Google don’t autorize the auto launching of the video since its last update. So user has to click on the video first and see it completly if it’s his first visit. It’s the condition to can continue the visit and buttons are not activated before.
    For the following visit, buttons of the menu are active.
    How can I do ?

    Thanks a lot

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    Soory to reply only now. No, absolutly no ! It’s for an enterprise who wishes to offer an e-learning video website at his personal.
    To do that, I installed Learndash.
    But before the courses, there is a page with a presentation video. The button to go to the next page don’t have to display before the end of this video.
    And more : only for the first visit of the user.

    After a lot of hours to look in Google result I tried a js script but it doesn’t work.

    Page is bulded with Elementor.
    I added the video with HTML widget
    `[video id="accueil" width="1920" height="1080" mp4="link_to_my_video"][/video]‘

    I installed the plugin Custom CSS, JS and PHP and added this in Javascript Options – JS:front-end
    <script type=’text/javascript’>
    function myHandler(e) {
    alert(“La fin!”);

    But nothing happens when the video is ended.

    Thus, I have 2 questions :
    – how to do that (and when it’ll work, how to display a button at the place of “La fin”)
    – how to do to dislay the button directly after the first visit of the user (all users are registered)

    A big thank you if you can help me !
    I’m French, it’s not very easy to explain my problem. And sometime I’ve difficult to understand very well the explanation 😉

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