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  • the problem i have when using plugins is that i never know if the development will continue or if support and help wont be available in the future, what would be good is if WORDPRESS has a “wordpress approval” for plug-ins ensuring their support for the future, i understand this may be a huge task though! thoughts please..

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    Ive written plugins — none of which are on the plugins page. Thats on purpose and my choice. You are suggesting that **someone** at “WordPress” approve something I’m hosting on my web site..

    Ok, so “this person” goes to my web site and downloads my plugin (we’ll pretend there’s just one for simplicity’s sake). Then this “person” installs it on a Debian machine running Apache w/ PHP4, and a CentOS machine running Apache w/ PHP5, and a Windows Server 2003 box running IIS and PHP5, and a Windows Server 2008 box running …

    And so on, going through (a)all the different combinations of operating systems and software installs, testing my plugin as they move along.

    hmm.. so my plugin fails on 3 installs..

    do they “approve” it?

    Multiply the above scenario by 100000 (just a guess) and thats what youre suggesting. You just dont know it.

    (a) The ‘visitors’ on this forum are very unforgiving. It’s all or nothing. Everything should work, all of the time, or the devs didnt do it good enough.

    The vetter, in this case, needs to be you. If it’s bothersome to you that plugins wont be continually developed or supported — dont use them, or pay for support and pay for development.

    Everyone needs to eat.

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