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  • Has this happened since you installed WP ?

    If not, what happened last ?

    What plugins do you have active ?

    Well, I was gonna say your comments table is missing based on the error message, but your comments are showing up.

    Are you using a non-default table prefix (i.e. not wp_) and have some plugin enabled that’s trying to use the default prefix? If you have any plugins enabled, disable them.

    the i have been using wordpress for months and i didnt cahnge anything? so i dot understand why this is happening but i did notice the error said this ” [Table ‘toxic_toxicsugar.wp_comments’ doesn’t exist]” but my wp doesnt even use that database in my config file it is toxic_b21 and all the tables are there but there are none in the toxicsugar database i dong get why its trying to get things from a differnt database any ideas?

    also i dont get this error in ie??? (im using firefox ) but i have never used ie and had wordpress for months?!

    Email your host and ask them to detail any and all changes they have made.

    Is there anyone else with access to your blog / ftp ?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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