• I was searching for a plugin that does this. I found a couple, but they had very limited functionality

    Inactive Logout Pro is extraordinary. It has some very unique features that I could not find in any other plugin

    • Browser Close Logout: Nobody remembers to actively log out before closing the browser. Hence, browser close log out is one of the most impressive features in the plugin. There is no other plugin that provides this
    • Maximum number of logins per user: Number of users that can access the same user at the same time. This is awesome if you sell subscriptions with varied plans like Netflix
    • Redirect Logged out users using AJAX: If you are selling courses, just logging the user out in the backend is not useful at all, because the user can just keep watching a course video despite being logged out. This is where AJAX requests come in. The user is actively redirected to another page (even when the user has not refreshed the page)

    In a nutshell, the best concurrent user security plugin out there. Go for the paid version, you won’t regret it

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