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  • Works really well and is impressively done. One note that confused me, in the Challonge settings you can’t set “Exclude this event from search engines and the public browsable index.” or it doesn’t seem to work (is just a blank pane). I assume this is an API limitation and not a plugin one. However, ideally I’d love it if people could only sign-up through my WordPress site and not through Challonge. I don’t really want randoms signing up, but don’t want to have to do the registration list myself either.

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  • Plugin Author zavaboy


    Thank you for your kind comment and rating! It is very much appreciated! 🙂

    Admittedly, the issue you are having is no limitation of the API. It has been added in by design from the first version of this plugin. The idea was to have a way to easily exclude individual tournaments. Not much thought was invested at the time since I was rushing a bit to just get this plugin released for everyone. I haven’t given it much more thought until now that you’ve brought it up.

    The good news is that this is actually a simple issue to resolve, so it can be expected in my next update, 1.1.5! My plan is to add an option in the settings page to toggle whether this “feature” is respected or not.

    Would you like work-around directions you may use to disable this “feature” so you don’t have to wait for the update? (I do not have an expected release date yet.)

    Thank you once again for your positive feedback and my apologies for the inconvenience! 🙂

    Please don’t apologize for lack of something I want in a free plugin. 🙂

    The work around directions would be great if it’s not too much trouble. If it is, I will happily wait for 1.1.5. I’m glad to see that the plugin is actively worked on as well. That makes it 6 stars!

    Plugin Author zavaboy


    Here are the directions:

    1. Go to Plugins > Editor.
    2. Select Challonge from the dropdown and click Select.
    3. Click challonge/class-challonge-widget.php from the right side.
    4. Find line 194:
      if ( 'false' == $tourny->private && false !== $name_filter && ( null === $name_filter || preg_match( $name_filter, $tourny->name ) ) && ( ( empty( $status_filter ) && ! $status_filter_unknown ) || in_array( strtolower( $tourny->state ), $status_filter ) || ( ! in_array( strtolower( $tourny->state ), $this->aStatuses ) && $status_filter_unknown ) ) ) {
    5. Remove only this part of line 194:
      'false' == $tourny->private &&
    6. Line 194 should now look like this:
      if ( false !== $name_filter && ( null === $name_filter || preg_match( $name_filter, $tourny->name ) ) && ( ( empty( $status_filter ) && ! $status_filter_unknown ) || in_array( strtolower( $tourny->state ), $status_filter ) || ( ! in_array( strtolower( $tourny->state ), $this->aStatuses ) && $status_filter_unknown ) ) ) {
    7. Click Update File to save your changes.
    8. Click challonge/class-challonge-shortcode.php.
    9. Find line 262:
      if ( 'false' == $tourny->private ) {
    10. Change line 262 to this:
      if ( true ) {
    11. Click Update File to save your changes.

    That’s all you need to do! Please let me know if you have any troubles. I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

    Thanks for the very clear and precise instructions. Works great! I have another question, but I’ll make a new thread about it.

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