• I’m struggling to change some CSS rules.
    In wp-content/plugins/wp-forecast/wp-forecast-default.css I make the headers larger and the space between the day blocks larger, it works when I change it live on the browser but it doesn’t when the page is loading again, still works with the old values.
    I’m using WPRocket, so I cleared countless times the cache, cleared every possible cache on browsers, deactivated and activated the plugin, erased the plugin, and installed it again….still has the same fucking old values!
    The page source code shows that the domain.com/el/wp-content/plugins/wp-forecast/wp-forecast-default.css?ver=9999 is loading, and the file has good large values, but every browser insists to show the old ones.

    I spent 4 hours of my precious time without any results. It’s the first time after months that I feel exasperated!
    I give it 1 star because there isn’t any lower.

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  • This will also happen when you edit ohter plugins CSS especially when using WPRocket. There are some tweaks in WPRocket you have to look deeper. Minify CSS etc.
    But also not the best idea to change these values in the plugin itself, because on update your values are overwritten.
    Use your theme / child theme CSS to overwrite the values and this will work.

    One more note on the rating, giving only one star when you are not able to fix the cause of your caching plugin is very unfair.

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