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  • I am having a very bad problem with my site

    It loads VERY slow in Firefox. About 45 of seconds of waiting according to Web Page Speed Report. And in Internet Explorer the main page is first white and the content will appear after 10-20 seconds.

    I don’t know whats wrong? Please help me out.

    I am going to upgrade the version right away to see if that helps.

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  • Have you tried turning off your plugins?

    Have you searched for slow here in the forums?

    Anything in the error logs?

    Is the box maxed out or oversold?

    I would try the upgrade. I know there was issues with cron causing slowness issues in some of the 2.0.x versions. You may be hitting this.

    I turned the plugins off, without result. I have now upgraded the wordpress and its only a little faster.

    It loads a little bit faster in firefox now (still about 10 seconds though) and I still need to wait in IE to load the full page. I can see the menu and the header but the content comes up after 10 seconds or so…

    The last time I had a slow problem, the firewall feature called “phishing filter” and “website filter” was causing it.

    I’m not sure what you mean but I’m not the only one with the problem. A lot visitors have complained about it.

    Your webhost has a problem. It is not related to WordPress.
    The connection took 20 s to initiate, once initiated, your page loads in 5-7s, the first time with Firefox.
    The problem may come from the sql or php server.

    oops, double post.

    You’re right and it looks like I have solved it.

    Could you all try again and see if it loads fine?

    A include code of a file which wasn’t a wordpress file but something else was doing this apparently.

    Brilliant: loads in 5 seconds !
    So, please, state this post as resolved.

    You could do with a bit of optimizing:

    I’d recommend reducing the size of the header image. You can also save a lot of download time by removing whitespace in php and css files. E.g. have p{color:#333;align:left;} instead of

    color: #333;
    align: left;

    And remove comments from css files and php files as well. I also go through javascript files and remove whitespace ther too.

    I am having the same exact problem where everything works great in IE7 but if I use Firefox my site takes a long time to load.

    What should one look for on the server? It kinda doesn’t make sense to me that it could be a server issue when it is doing it’s job with one browser and a horrible job with another. Perhaps it’s a Firefox issue? Not saying your BS Poz, just not understanding…

    Any ideas?

    Well, for one, Firefox and IE do not communicate or Authenticate the same way. I work on an Intranet website (internal to a company) and we had to do some specific things on the web server to make it work the same between the browsers, granted it’s an IIS web server, but it was an educational experience to say the least.

    The other thing is – what plugins do you have activated for FireFox?

    ahhh..that makes sense then if they interact completely differently.

    I forgot about the add-ons. I am gonna try deactivating all of those, however, when I use IE tab, it actually loads up even faster than if I was using the actual IE and not a shell of it inside of Firefox.

    well, I disabled everything and am using just the browser. Cleared the cache, and it still hangs too long on the white box that is the background of the posts area.

    Everything else on the page usually loads up it’s the white box of the background that simply hangs forever.

    The posts themselves pop up right away AFAICS which means it’s accessing the SQL database in a timely fashion, yes?

    I’ve made no changes to the CSS (the image in the header was put there by simply making an image the same size, naming the same as the template had it named and overwriting the original). I added a line of code to make the header a link back to the main page, but this was happening before that.

    I tried opening it on Seamonkey as well and it loads as fast as IE. (not sure if that uses the same architecture as Firefox despite being developed by the same group)

    Thanks so much for any of your helps guys and girls.

    Well, I tried your site in both browsers and FF choked, but IE loaded in the background, so they’re both having load time issues.

    Your database is functioning properly, but it appears that the browsers are having problems with images. Some of your images are huge (

    But, to answer your question, it looks like it’s having problems with:

    Basically, they’re not enabling your web server to pull the image across and it times out after 29.x seconds freeing up your site.

    If you’re curious, download the Firebug plugin for FF and enable it on your site for download times.

    Very curious. I wonder if there is something in the css chain that is causing Firefox to work extra hard. With nothing but a wild ass guess, I’d check that the style sheet and theme have correct URI in them – make IE is fixing an error that FF can’t do as quickly. Only a wild ass guess. Or really difficult layout.

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