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  • My small personal site [] is a bit “old style”, a bit too plain for today’s fashion: liquid design, just one column (basically), font is the default one, background is white, links are blue and underlined, it works on any browser (lynx included), any screen width, and so on.
    I do like it this way, though, and the only thing I will eventually add is an horizontal navigation menu similar in look to the one you find here:
    Now that I succesfully installed WP [] it is time to set up the look of it all.
    As I read here [], starting from the default Kubrick theme would not be a good move. They say that Steam [] is probably a slightly better choice.
    As for myself, I initially thought to load and maybe adapt’s Mobile Edition, which has a much closer look to the end result I’m aiming to.
    Now, considering that I have limited to no experience with CSS and PHP, and cannot really understand what is technically behind these different themes (apart from their very look), what do you suggest?
    a) Start with Steam (because…)
    b) Start with Mobile Edition (because…)
    c) Start with (something else…)
    d) Forget your “old style” site (because…) and be content with…

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Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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