• dimal


    This is probably the worst plugin i have ever installed.

    When i installed it, a SECOND plugin was also installed named Antihacker something. NEVER asked for it, nor i gave permission for it.

    Then i was informed that my site/server has issues from the Antihacker plugin RED line. But the errors were from the Antihacker plugin Deprecated PHP “trim” or something. Going from 8.2 to 8.1 didn’t help.

    I was able to unistall Antihacker and i was curious about the actual plugin. But i was bombarded with notices and banners and things.

    And i uninstalled it. This plugin shouldn’t exist here in its current state.

    Does WordPress.org allows to plugins to install other plugins without the user knowing that? Without permission?

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  • Plugin Author Bill Minozzi


    Hi Dimal,

    Our plugin did not install the Antihacker plugin automatically. You installed the Antihacker plugin without even realizing it. Uninstalling the Antihacker plugin is very easy. As with any other plugin.

    Trim is a standard function in PHP. In fact, it is widely used and truly indispensable. Veja:


    Our plugin is assisting many people in keeping their servers running smoothly and protecting them from heavy bot attacks. Our AntiHacker plugin is indispensable too.

    I suggest that you learn a bit more about WordPress if you intend to use it.



    Thread Starter dimal


    I suggest stop insulting reviewers of your plugin. And keep lessons for yourself.

    Plugin Author Bill Minozzi


    I apologize if my words came across as offensive. My intention was simply to provide clarification.

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