• This seems to meet the needs of some financial-services clients who want to keep track of edits to their websites. It is also useful just in general to check on who-did-what-and-when. Also, when you have a host like WPengine that doesn’t want your WordPress site to have Revisions enabled, this provides some level of “anecdotal backup” for peace of mind. And, when your client says they didn’t mess up that page, you’ve got pretty clear evidence that, yes, they did: An audit trail from the point of login to the moment when they deleted that important Post they can’t find for some reason.

    The 3.3.0 version keeps a log for a month, which is generally sufficient, but apparently with some code you can add to your functions.php in a theme, you can increase this duration.

    The reporting is really easy to understand, and there is a certain amount of filtering if you want to see only specific events, such as failed logins.

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