• I had a client that has a bit unusual server setup so we had problems setting up GitHub Actions and making them work.
    The client has paid for the Pro version since our repositories are private.

    Everything worked like charm – after pushing my changes I simply went to wp-admin and clicked a button to pull the changes from GitHub.
    We have 3 repositories on that website.

    Then I realized that each repository has a special deployment link, so I created GitHub Action to do a GET request to that URL, and that worked like a charm, even behind the basic auth that the website uses.
    So now our changes get deployed automatically.

    Definitely a great and simple solution than setting up the pipelines which always cause problems on different platforms.

    Good job!


    I found 2 features I’d like to see in the next version:

    – An option to define the folder name
    My GitHub repository is not named the same as I’d like the plugin’s folder to be named.
    Currently, there’s no way to influence that.

    – The name of the last commit included in the log file
    It’s rather hard to quickly confirm that all my last commits got deployed.
    Currently, it’s almost 1am where I am, but the server is set to a different time zone so it’s still yesterday.
    When I checked the logs, the date of the last entry was 1 day behind my current date.
    The reason I even checked the logs is because the browser has hashed my CSS so I couldn’t see all the changes.
    Having the last commit message would help quickly confirming that everything was deployed properly.

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