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  • I got in the habit of using inline hashtags in my notes and research after using apps like Workflowy and Bear because it makes it easier to later find specific bits of information. This plugin definitely lets me mimic a similar function in WP.

    The only thing missing from this for me is support for tags that have characters in them such as a dash (-) or asterisk (*) or forward-slash (/).

    With the dash, a long hashtag like #ilovethishashtagplugin can be a little more readable as #i-love-this-hashtag-plugin. If you enable other characters like the * or /, you can nest your hashtags in a hierarchal manner, such as #wp*favorite-plugins or #wp/favorite-plugins.

    All in all, a super plugin that helps organize my brain as well as helps carry over the functionality of the hashtags I’m already using in apps like Bear and Workflowy. This is something I’ve needed for a long time and opens up all kinds of possibilities I can explore for ways I classify and organize content directly from my notes to WP, thank you for making this!

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  • Plugin Author Christhian Gruhh



    First of all, thanks for your message, it’s amazing to know that other people use and find value in what we do!

    Regarding your suggestion of new characters, your point was very well explained and I believe it will generate value for other users as well, so I updated the plugin and added the characters -, *, /, @.

    If you encounter any problems, or have new suggestions, I’m always available.

    Best regards,
    [signature moderated]

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