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  • fredriley


    This is the best of the four TOC plugins I’ve installed and tested today, as it generates a TOC within the page, is closely configurable, and produces nested TOCs. It behaves slightly strangely, in that some of the TOC entries (eg “1. introduction”) have the whole entry hyperlinked to internal anchors, whereas some others have just the TOC entry prefix (eg “1. “) hyperlinked. However, that might be to do with the text (written in Libre Office) which I copied into the Visual view.

    All in all, very useful, and thanks to the author.

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  • Plugin Author Sed Lex


    Thank you !!

    I do not understand your point regarding the “entry hyperlinked to internal anchors” …

    The easiest is to paste the code of a incorrect header here so that I can see the problem …



    You can view the page at:

    The full text of the first entry in the TOC “1. Introduction” is a hyperlink, with the source code:

    <p class='contentTable_h2'><a href="#Introduction">1. Introduction</a></p>

    The other entries just have the numerical prefix as a hyperlink, such as “2. WordPress Guides”, which has the code:

    <p class='contentTable_h2'><a href="#_WordPress_guides">2.  <a name="__RefHeading__845_1245224731"></a> WordPress guides</a></p>

    This really isn’t important.

    What’s the “SL framework” you’ve used for development?


    Plugin Author Sed Lex


    Just remove the <a name="__RefHeading__845_1245224731"></a> in your code and that shoud do the trick …
    I a next version I will try to remove the html tag in the heading to avoid such issue

    The SL framework is a personal framework that I developed for accelerate the development of all my plugin … any person may used it by downloading the dev-toolbox and create a brand new hello world plugin 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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