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  • Very nice sticky notes plugin. We use it to put review comments throughout a site, to communicate review points and feedback.

    Was working fine in 2015, then just recently (Feb 2016) it stopped working! I recently did all updates… to WordPress 4.4.2, to current “X Theme” and all associated plugins. When clicking the “WP Sticky Notes” tab in the left sidebar of admin interface, I was getting a fatal error due to this line in plugin.php:
    require_once( __DIR__ . “/pages/admin_main.php” );
    Although it’s probably not the best fix, I used a similar line from later in the file, and repaired this include of admin_main.php like this:
    require_once( ABSPATH . “/wp-content/plugins/wp-sticker-notes” . “/pages/admin_main.php” );

    Now the plugin works again! Don’t know what the problem was. Maybe even a hiccup in my hosting, rather than a problem with recent WordPress and theme updates?

    Anyway, for now, I’m back in business, and using these sticky notes for my site review process again. 🙂

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  • Two more tweaks:

    (1) To allow notes to be created WITHOUT explicitly listing users on the first line of the note, I had to remove the “NOT NULL” from the target_users db column, in the install script (in plugin.php).

    (2) To allow notes to be draggable in Firefox, I had to change the last like of the calculateTopFix() function, in wpst_script.js. The last “else” clause is the one that is executed for Firefox, and returning the value scrollTop() causes the sticky note to move near the top of the page, as soon as any attempt is made to move the note at all. Instead, I changed it to “return 0”, and it works great.

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