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  • I’m migrating a multisite to a single site and amalgamating the subdomains into one.

    WP C I&E seems to be the only plugin that will help me export the comments from the subdomains and import them to the new single site. It does a good job though I wasn’t able to get it to work while the subdomains were all on the same multisite.

    Once I’d broken the subdomains down into separate single sites on a virtual server I was able to easily export the comments. Saving them as CSV files and opening them in Libre Office’s spreadsheet programme was straightforward.

    Double checking the database I found just an occasional problem. Sometimes the link between threaded comments was broken. Sometimes an emoji at the end of a comment text caused the database columns that followed it to shift one column to the right. (This may be a Libre Office glitch.) These were easily fixed.

    The most serious problem I ran into was later in importing and integrating the comments into my main database. There was a problem in getting the comments to thread properly. Especially third and fourth level comments.

    I want to commend the support I received from the software programmers and I accept my problem is almost certainly to do with my database rather than with the plugin malfunctioning. They offered to help if I granted them access to my admin account, but as that’s on my private computer at present I said no.

    Five stars says the plugin is Fantastic. For me that’s a step too far. But it is Great. And the response and help from the programmers have been fantastic. I’d give the plugin 9/10 if that was an option.

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