• I will leave the five stars because this is truly a useful plugin.

    However, it made me rewrite the whole post because it warned me that I haven’t finished the check-list, and I have clicked “don’t publish.”

    The warning window disappeared, but the black background stayed, blocking any click in the window (Latest Firefox). I had to refresh it and lose my whole post.

    Later it warned me again, although I did finish the checklist.

    I have turned-off the warnings and only use the checklist.

    Could be some plugin conflict, caching, who knows…

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  • I have the same issue with Firefox (v42 on Ubuntu 14.04), but it appears to work fine using Chromium (v45 on same OS).

    On FF I get a black screen and now way back to the post. You have to forcibly leave the page, using the back arrow.

    With FF, make sure you save as draft before hitting publish, so you don’t loose anything.

    I know it is bad form, commenting on my own comment, but….

    The hack supplied by bartosz.switon in the support thread https://wordpress.org/support/topic/modal-window-dont-close?replies=9 seems to solve the issue with FF.

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