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>> VERY Urgent

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  • The other way is go in database and look in user table and see what what email address was used normally admin is always id 1

    You can reset your information there are instructions here


    Hi, I am sorry but, having followed your link, I am no
    wiser since I have No idea what is meant by :-
    ” In the Admin Panel menu, go to USERS “

    What “Admin Panel” and, where?

    Sorry …

    David A-L

    that is if you can log in and since you can not log in scroll down and use other method Through phpMyAdmin

    Look, I’m sorry but, I am just not understanding …

    You said ” scroll down and use other method Through phpMyAdmin “

    Where? on what site is this?

    I have my log-in panel that I cannot log in to as I have lost
    my details and, there is a “Lost Password” panel that will NOT
    accept ANY email that I put in there so …. WHERE do I go (What
    site, etc) to get TO the things you are advising?

    Best Regards, David A-L

    Slow down and read the link govpatel posted. On that page, there is a section titled “Through phpMyAdmin”, which you should notice if you visit the Reset Password Guide and scroll down.

    You need to go to the site of your webhost and login from there. This assumes that you setup your own WordPress blogs on a separate webhost. If you set up blogs on wordpress.com, this is the wrong forum.

    Hi, THANKS, to the both of you .. your help has been
    invaluable and, I am now “In control” of my Blogs again …. 😉

    Again, Many Thanks,

    David A-L


    You are welcome

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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