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    I am tired of this plugin’s unstability. For some reason popups stop appearing, even if called directly via html request, e.g. webpage/?sg_popup_id=54

    On the other hand, some of the popups also do not appear if they are added via page editor dropdown menu…

    Why is that? Please, change the way it works and make it more stable. No time to write to support every other week. Frustrating…

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    Dear @maxim507,

    We have responded to your ticket.
    The popups still work on your site, they are set to appear once a year, that’s why you can’t see them anymore.
    Probably, you have seen them once that’s why you can’t see them anymore.
    But you can check them in an Incognito window or clear the cookies of your page.

    Sorry for any inconvenience, anyway. 🙂

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    The popups should appear for new user once a year. And it was appearing like this, but hten it suddenly stopped appearing. MAybe the algorithm changed, so that once appeared on the machine, they stopped appearing regardless website user account. Thank you

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