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  • This is the exact opposite of development. Don’t the developers realize they have created an unintuitive interface that doesn’t add value. I mean what can’t you do with the classic interface that you can do with Gutenberg? They could have just improved upon the battle-tested classic editor instead of introducing a new one that causes a lot of friction to authors. All the easily accessible and important things become hidden. For example the featured image should be visible by default. The URL should not be hidden. So many inconsistencies I cringe whenever I use Gutenberg. What was wrong with the classic editor and what did they fix??

    It is so buggy as well in the released version. 1) The categories don’t appear immediately causing some authors to think it’s not available in the new editor. 2) Sometimes authors cannot publish or save the draft. But after they log out and re-login, they can save again. 3) Other quirks that happen here and there.

    I hope in WordPress 5.5, we can get a newly improved, Gutenberg-free, Classic Editor. And I hope they integrate templating like Twig. I would welcome if they make Timber plugin part of core.

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