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  • I’ve purchased the pro version of this plugin (and have yet to receive it) and I have to say publicly because this author refuses to offer support to anyone who pays less than $100 USD for a developer license:

    Out of all WP plugin authors I have dealt with, I have to say this is one of the most unethical authors I’ve made the mistake of buying from because:
    1) they ignore any support emails even if your are a BUYING customer (you have to buy very expensive developers license if you want any support)
    2) You have to wait 48+ hours for your plugin to be delivered and if it’s not delivered there’s no official means of support to find out why or get attention.
    3) The pro version actually just combines what multiple other free plugin do by themselves and adds very few features that the free versions don’t.
    4) NO SUPPORT (unless you pay a ton of money)

    So what kind of respectable developer does not provide support to paying customers? let me tell you, none. So unless this plugin author does the right thing by being a decent business person in providing real world ethical solutions, avoid the pro version of this plugin like the plague.

    Hopefully some other developer out there reads this and develops a competing solution with more reasonable terms of service.

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    I’ve purchased the pro version of this plugin (and have yet to receive it)

    Uh huh.

    So… what did you review for the actual plugin? These review forums are not for venting about the plugin authors but for (wait for it!) reviewing the functionality of the actual plugin.

    What you’ve actually about is that you don’t like the plugin author’s support model. It’s not the same thing really.

    If you want to take up issue with any “pro” version then please do so on the developers own site or post it on your own blog. If you want to actually post a valid review then please feel free to do so.

    I’m not sure how to edit my review which I want to do at this time but regardless plugin author contacted me and was very professional as is going to work on the TOS wording to be more friendly and also provided me support and also delivered the pro version of the plugin. Secondly I don’t appreciate your condescending sentence choices in your reply Jan Dembowski, your reply was not at all helpful, and my original review brought up some very important issues that testers willing to try pro should think about before buying pro. But after finally dealing with the author directly I’d like to say that I’m amending my review to say that going pro is worth a try.

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