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  • redsy


    I have a strange issue i am getting


    found in webmaster tools, this is the same as my homepage and is happening when i publish a post.

    When i run a sitemap its not within sitemap. So is this an issue or is google just picking it up?

    Worried about duplicate content.

    Any advice appreciated as searched and cant find anything.

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  • redsy


    Also found homepage is like this domain/blog/?s=

    any help guys?




    It looks like something from a plugin or some sort of tagging/tracking. Are you using Google Analytics?


    Your blog search results are being indexed.



    Hi thanks for response.

    Yes am using google analytics.

    Getting a bit concerned it may cause a duplicate content issue.

    Installed a subscribe 2 plugin, and shortly afterwards uninstalled.

    The plugin owner/admin tells me its nothing to do with this plugin and not added anything else recently apart from some ‘amazon’ affiliate stuff.

    Could this be causing it?

    The pages are being picked in webmaster tools and reutning 404s showing links to pages which are active as above, however dont seem to be getting indexed at present.

    Should i worry and if so what is best course of action?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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