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  • Does anyone know of a nice suitable theme for a lung cancer sufferer?

    Horrible question I know, but let me explain. My brothers wife has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and I have suggested that she keeps an online journal of what is happening to her during her theropy. I thought it could act as a good support network for her.

    I was pondering over which theme to use. It doesnt have to look any particular way, but she is fairly young so it should still look funky and certianly not downbeat – it should be very positive.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of themes I should be looking at for her. I am also hoping that the weblog could act as a good charity revenue tool for Cancer Research UK, either through site adds or donations.

    Thanks for your time guys.


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  • Why not just go to:
    and let her choose one she really likes.
    Without knowing exact age, character, likes/dislikes, etc., I would be hesitant to recommend a particular one.

    She a bit of a technophobe – I am going to do all the setting up and let her simply post – Plus she doesnt really have time to be browsing through the endless themes on wordpress.

    I just thought I would ask for any that people may know of that are suitable.

    Well, samboll makes a good point about this. Without knowing her personally, we can’t really suggest much other than simply picking something arbitrarily. If anything, I’d say since you seem to know her, you’re the best person for picking a theme. If in doubt, ask your brother what he thinks of themes you select and have him help you find something suitable.

    good luck to her on her recovery

    the beauty of wordpress is that she can pick a new theme every week

    so just go with one and then do it again next week …

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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