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  • When I log into my wordpress site I can see the dashboard however if i visit another page and go back to the dashboard i receive a message that says

    “If you are seeing this, it’s time to go slap somebody…… Sorry you’re looking for something that isn’t here”

    I’ve deactivated my plugins – what else can i do?

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  • HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I realize that it’s inappropriate to YELL in a forum but I can’t get any help – no one answers my questions – am I doing something wrong – posting in the wrong category – asking a stupid question – WHAT??!!!!

    I am at a standstill with my site and business until I get help and don’t know where else to turn – if this is not the right forum can ANYONE give me a suggestion???????



    No one is answering you because it’s only been one hour and it’s a problem I doubt many people encounter. I have installed wordpress dozens of times and never had that happen.

    It sounds like you have corrupt files somewhere…..

    You get that error when you go to the dashboard? Is that right….

    It is very difficult to guess what is going on in your admin panel – since we do not have access to it.
    Unless a helper who already encountered a similar error comes around… there isn’t too much we can do.

    Posting a reply saying “I don’t know” wouldnt make you happy. Plus, adding a reply without solution or bumping it, as you just did, removes the topic from the “unanswered topics” queue, and that’s where most of the helpers start looking when they come online.

    Yes I get the reply when i go to the dash board. If I have corrupt files could that be a problem with my hosting account or should i have my wordpress deleted and reinstalled?

    Sorry about the “bumping” didn’t realize that’s what I was doing. Just am really desperate to find the answers to my problems. Thank you both for responding.

    Any other suggestions or referrals to tutorials or other information would be greatly appreciated.




    Yeah I guess I would make sure the wp-admin folder is there and intact…..

    You could try and reinstall…..

    could that be a problem with my hosting account

    It’s hard to say, I don’t know how you installed, regular install I’m assuming. Also don’t know which host your on and what they have or do….

    I would try and re-upload the wp-admin folder and try that before reinstalling the entire thing. Also check and make sure any permission settings are right. If that stuff doesn’t work I would try and reinstall.

    Thanks everybody for the help. I contacted the host and an agent walked me through the steps of deleting and reinstalling wordpress. The only thing I don’t have is my plugins and themes – apparently something was corrupt in one of those folders.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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