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  • Hi All!

    I have a very strange problem in of my blogs, and it’s taking me crazy…

    The problem: When clicking in “write” for writing a new post, WordPress makes my browser stucks while loading the tinymce editor. The browser gets completely freeze for a time that can take up to one complete minute. No matter the browser (firefox, explorer7, …). If I go to manage and edit one post there is no problem, it only happens when writing a new post.

    Things I have tried: Deactivating ALL plugins. Removing all wp directories and files except my own files (wp-content stuff) and uploaded all files from a just downloaded wordpress archive.

    Nothing of this solves the problem, and I cant find anyone with a similar problem…

    Can someone give me some help?.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS. I tried it in many hosting services with many diffent configs and php versions and always have this problem, so I can say that is not a server related problem.

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  • whooami



    well that doesnt happen to me, so what does that mean?

    Maybe its your computer.

    whooami, I have another blogs too. And using the same computer and browser, I only have the problem in one blog.




    well okay then, lets review:

    you say:

    1. its only “one blog.” (ill take it that one blog sits on one domain)
    2. “I tried it in many hosting services with many diffent configs and php versions”

    So then what you are saying is that you have moved this one blog (hosted on this one domain) around from host to host, trying to fix this issue?

    I find that assertion to be very suspect.

    Allowing for that, perhaps your computer doesnt like that one domain.

    The fact is what you are saying makes no sense, so maybe you need clarify a few things..

    Specifically, when moving things around, as you say you did.. are you moving just files, just MySQL data, are you moving the domain, and reuploading files.. what?

    What happens if you put files and data from a blog (domain) that works on the blog (domain) doesnt work right for you?

    whooami, very suspect??. I dont have to explain you what I do and why I do with my hosting service.

    If you really want to help say something useful, if not, better dont say nothing more.




    There are 2 questions in my last post.. youre saying that you have moved a domain name around to all these different hosts .. I find that ludicrous, and a bit of overkill, of course, maybe you dont.

    If you have done that fine — however until you clarify things further, Im surely not going to be able to help, and I doubt anyone else one either.

    Futhermore, I didnt ask for an explantion. You, are the one here asking for help. If you cant provide details .. well dont expect anyone to understand what you are doing.

    With the data you have provided, there are only so many potential problems

    1.assuming you are moving file and domain name

    The problem is in a file, or your computer doesnt like the domain name (firewall maybe?)

    2. assuming you are only moving files:

    The problem is in a file.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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