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  • hi there,
    I write some articles, i upload an image by ( lower) “browse” then “upload” but image is very small in the article, the question is how to post article with simply its normal size by upload ?

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  • When browsing the images – did you click on the image and did you select “Use original”?
    Clicking on the menu item that show up on the “back” of the image – they will toggle, oferring more choices.

    -yes i selected the original with normal size.

    -here i show u the screen ( i have in french ) and see nothing about option size for images etc… :-<

    So, what happens if you click on Aucune Miniature?
    Doesn’t change it to Dimension Original… or something like that?

    i just want u see the screen i speak about.. “Aucune miniature” is set by default and i cant change it… and when i add the image to the post by”Envoyer à l’éditeur” well i have a small image as u see instead of normal size ( 375 x 147 ).. really i dont understand why it so difficult to simply post an image with wordpress :-/ … there nothing extraordinary by puting a pict in article !??

    Moshu is trying to help you. Click things on that menu – it changes the options.

    yes i know and i thanks him 🙂
    i try all click and even combined them..nothing about size and always tiny image.. :<
    i just wonder why so complicated ? you have a blog i guess ? why dont you just tell me, when u post article with an simply image, what u do exactly ?

    I upload the picture.
    I click on the picture to admire the little menu.
    I click the top line until I’m at the option NOT using thumbnail.
    I click “Send to Editor”
    I click “close menu”

    I smile, sip my martini and continue to write my article. 🙂

    here it’s the problem for me : if i click option NOT using thumbnail well i have this :

    that means there are no thumbnail associate with this photo… … In other words i cant change this option :<
    maybe wordpress frech version is bugged ?

    ps : i prefer panaché 😉

    Can you translate that dialog for me? What’s it say?

    that what i have said,that means “there is no thumbnail associate to this photo” … on my mind, nonsense …. :/

    I ran into this issue with a client who was hosted on a Windows server and was using IE – I think it was more the windows server than it was the IE of course, but WordPress works BEST and EASIEST on a Linux based server…

    Do you know what type of server your site is hosted on?

    It was an good idea but …We are based on Linux server ..
    but I also have it on anther server with windows and same problem … :<

    there is no thumbnail associate to this photo

    Are you sure GD is running on that server? That’s the script that makes the thumbnail pics.

    moshu, the goal is to post pict in its normal size ! ( dont want thumbnail 🙂 !

    Is it not possible to tell wordpress that it must post an image in its normal size ?? !!! O_O !!

    u know camstuio ? with it u can make a capture avi of your screen : i think i need a lesson to post an image with wordpress ! ha ha ha !

    I know exactly what you want. However, WP wants to create a thumbnail whenever you upload a pic. And since software and the internet can produce the most unexpected behaviour… I was thinking: not being able to create a thumb, it resizes your original.
    BTW, what WP version do you have? In WP 2.0 for example even the original was of a thumbnail size.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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