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  • My blog has 90 pages, 49 requests, under 300kb home page, and loads pingdom under 800ms. The back end is another story. It is so sluggish that I stop the browser myself to avert the dreaded “server error” of some kind.

    A little more info: my site went down, “internal server error”, and was told by the tech that it was a 500 error. It took them 4 days and a lot of phone calls and a costly ticket (for me)to bring it up again.

    The back end problem as described earlier keeps me from adding new content. Is there any help for me?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • You may enable the error log to see what brings down the site.

    My load exceeds the memory size. Here are the numbers:
    (db 4.913M ~ load 32.3 of 32M)
    I brought the load down to 26.11 by inactivating some vital plugins but the backend is still so sluggish that working with the site is impossible.
    I will try the error log situation that you’ve mentioned after the techs on my hosting co looks at the site. I have opened a ticket. Your further insights will be appreciated.

    This could be a variety of issues. If it were my site,

    I would install a database plugin to optimize and check my database after checking the database, I would logout and login in to see if the problem is solved
    The next step I would take is I would disable all plugins (some run in the background while you are logged in e.g. Broken link checker)

    Then I would change me theme to the default WordPress theme twenty 11 or 10 depending on what’s installed.

    Then I’d Logout and login again. If the back end is running well now, I would activate my original theme and start activating the plugins one at a time. Be sure to check the blackened speed with each change and activation

    That’s the fist process I would do.
    Hope this helps

    Thanks for the replay. By increasing the memory size, the problem seems to be alleviated.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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