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  1. arjunjassal
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm sort of new at working with WP.
    Have recently built this website: http://mana-organics.com/
    Its extremely slow to load and often, i have to refresh the page a number of times before I can even access the wp admin.

    Things I've tried with no success:
    1. Remove all plugins: site did not load any faster.
    2. Use WP Optimize: no help here either.
    3. Use WP Super Cache: again no improvement in site load times.
    4. Reduce image size: once again no change.

    I do not know Php and nor am I sure how to check this, but I feel as though the server stops responding from time to time.
    Any help will be appreciated and thank you for patience.

  2. You're on GoDaddy, who is well known to be slow and problematic. Search these forums for issues with them. See Recommended WordPress Web Hosting

  3. arjunjassal
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks Songdogtech!
    Is there no other way to solve this, apart from changing hosting?

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