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    I have been complaining for a week now, that appointments booked and paid do not appear in Amelia.
    I have to manually copy the data of every customer in every order from Woocommerce and create the customer and the appointment manually in Amelia.
    As I am creating the appointments manually, Aemlia does not know the time zone of the customer, and hence most email notifications to customers indicate the wrong hour of appointment.
    Amelia’s support is unable to fix the problem.
    Complete log files and tens of errors have been sent.
    Amelia support is not making progress.
    Admin access behind my back was granted. Amelia’s support is still unable to fix the problem.
    This is very frustrating and as of today I am counter-recommeding Amelia.

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  • Hello Marc

    Thank you for your honest oppinion.

    We’re sorry to hear you’re not satisfied with the provided support.

    We see you have 19 tickets opened on our official support platform, and that most of them have been resolved and closed. Our team even went out on a limb and sent you a beta version of the plugin which included features not released to the public yet. They have dedicated time to each one of your tickets, and we can see that the main issue here is that you don’t want to provide us necessary access, so we can debug the issue.

    Nothing was done behind your back, since we kindly asked for wp-admin access, and you provided that. We didn’t do anything without your knowledge. Debugging cannot be done without FTP access. While we do see there’s an issue with WooCommerce not forwarding orders to Amelia, we cannot get to the bottom of it from regular back-end access. Logs simply indicate which files were affected, but no real reason or cause can be found in those logs.

    The reason why Amelia’s support team isn’t making progress is that you’re going back and forth with them about access, and how you think the issue can be resolved. For the past five days they tried to explain that debugging needs FTP access.

    Since you’re not comfortable with that, we suggested you to clone the site, and remove the sensitive customer data from the database, but you declined that too. Another option that was offered was recreating the site locally, only with your current plugins and the theme – so you wouldn’t be sharing anything confidential with us.

    We would love to get to the bottom of this, but unfortunately without access to plugin files, we’re simply not able to.

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