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    Hi everybody,

    I am new here in the forums AND new to WP, so I hope this is the right place to ask my questions. As some other people, I am experiencing big trouble with my RSS feeds and site speed after upgrading to WP2.9.

    My feed cannot be loaded anymore. If I try to resync it through Feedburner, I get the following message:
    “There is an issue that must be addressed with your source feed for the feed”
    “Read timed out”

    This is apparently due to the site being VERY slow. It eventually will load, but only after more than a minute.

    The facts:
    – Other (non-WP) sites on the same server do not have any problems and load very fast.
    – The RSS feed:
    – The site:
    – I use absolutely NO plugin, nor did I during install.
    – The automatic install went fine.
    – MySQL version is 5.0.70 (server) and 5.0.54 (client)
    – The issue definitely IS related to use of Thesis theme.
    – It disappears when switching to the default theme.
    – But, apparently, I am the only Thesis theme user having these problems.
    – Everything worked like a charm under WP2.8.6.

    I would be really grateful for any ideas concerning these issues. May it be related to this “cron” problem that gets fixed in WP2.9.1? (

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  • Since the code for Thesis is not freely available, you will probably get more help by going to the Thesis support forums.

    I already asked there, but since nobody else has these problems, we have not been able to solve the problem yet.

    One more bit of info: My e-mail notifications on new comments are broken, too. Thesis has no influence whatsoever on this, I am told.

    Any other thoughts? It really would be very much appreciated, as I just don’t know where else to ask. Thanks so much in advance, especially for helping out during the Holidays!

    My rss feed is broken after first 2.9 upgrade also – with default them and another – both not working.

    scribu – it’s not a thesis problem directly – it relates to the changes and deprecated functions in WP 2.9 – see this thread

    Thanks for the link, gazouteast. My technical knowledge really doesn’t permit me to comment on the problems you encountered. This is the problem of newbies like myself…

    Just for the record: I was (apparently) able to solve my problems by deleting and rebuilding the “thesis_options” and “thesis_design_options” fields in the “wp_options” table. I am not sure if this will really be a permanent fix, but I definitely hope so.

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