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  • I had high hopes for the latest update that came along with WP v5.4. The wise old sage said, “Never buy version 1 of anything“, but by this time Gutenberg ought to be better. I’m not too picky about stuff like an editor. The choice of editors is a very personal thing. Problem is that Gutenberg was pretty much rammed down everyone’s throat. Yes. I know there are options for falling back to the classic editor. The problem is that Gutenberg does bring a lot of tantalizing capability to the table, so it’s a dilemma. Like Jimmy Durante, “Should I stay or should I go?”

    All the block manipulation stuff is really nice. Problem is that for a writer like me – particularly a writer based way out in the sticks like me, whose only broadband connectivity option is a high latency geostationary satellite link, Gutenberg is abysmally sssslllloooowwww for ordinary text editing. I’m no typing wizard, but over the satellite I can easily overrun the type ahead buffer in just a few seconds. Since I also make a lot of typing errors, going back to correct them is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming.

    Before you say it, No! It’s not interaction with any of my plugins (e.e. Yoast). I’ve tried it all. I do have an absolutely essential text editing additions plugin that I’m using. That is certainly part but definitely not all of the problem. It’s so bad that I’ve taken to writing my P blocks and correcting the typos in Notepad, and pasting the finalized blocks into Gutenberg.

    The main culprit is the latency of the link. When I’m up at my weekend location with its landline DSL connection, the editor works fine (when the DSL itself is working – but that’s another story).

    So come on Starlink – or even better yet, come on Gutenberg fix for this issue.

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  • Thanks for taking the time to try it out and share actionable feedback. Very much appreciated.

    This issue was being caused by a plugin I was using called EditorsKit. The plugin adds some rich text controls (e.g. subscript and superscript) to the <p> block context menu in the Gutenberg editor. I disabled that plugin and Gutenberg performance over the satellite is much improved. I think we can put this one to bed. Thanks for the help.

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