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  • My “manage” section of WP admin is painfully slow, more than 90 seconds to open a post for editing and the same for saving it.
    Any other page, in admin or in the site seems going normally fast; note, I’ve no cache plugins.

    Disabled all plugins, default theme, the problem persists.
    WP was 2.6.1 , I’ve upgraded to 2.6.2 but nothing changed.

    My italian hosting company says that’s all ok, and thinking about the normal speed of other parts they may be right.

    Any idea ? A twin installation in another host, US based, is going well, it’s exactly the same, same version 2.6.2, same plugins, only english as language of WP and, of course, text. I’ve no problems at all , this installation behave normally.

    This is driving me crazy, and put the hosting company again in the culprits side.

    Any idea, suggestion, test? Thank you .

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