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  • My WordPress 1.5 installation is performing very slow at the moment. Since the May 1st CSS Reboot I’ve had a 400 % increase in visitors (from ~100 to ~500 / day), and now it takes approx. 16 seconds to load a page.

    I’ve done a bit of troubleshooting, and narrowed the problem down to the WordPress loop because:
    – everything outside the loop performs as usual.
    – the problem is the same with all themes, not just my redesign.

    Right now I try to control the situation with cached pages, but I would like a more permanent solution. Any ideas?

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  • I wish I knew something to tell you other than this:

    a) I like your design, very sweet!
    b)It loaded as fast as everyone else’s when I went to it just now.
    c)Maybe you’re exceeding your alotted bandwidth from your host.

    See ya!

    Looked fine to me as well.

    methinks thats kasperd’s remarks that “Right now I try to control the situation with cached pages” is why the page is loading so quickly. 🙂

    As the stats on the on the page load, this says a lot:

    -Dynamic Page Served (once) in 17.572 seconds
    -Static Page Served in 0.008 seconds

    And it sure did look like the page loaded in 0.008 seconds..

    What if any plugins are you running? Some of them hav a LOT of overhead and do things unnecessairly, so through the WP loop may not be the one to blame, it’s calling of some rogue plugin might be.


    Spot on Cypher! I deactivated all my plugins, and then activated them one by one till I found the culprit. The site is running fine now – without caching (wich is nice since the cache messed up my feed).

    Oh, by the way – can anyone reccomend a nice archive plug-in? One that doesn’t slow down Loop, the Universe and Everything? 🙂

    Can you tell us exactly which archive plugin you used?

    I’m glad you found the culprit! Plugins are great but you gotta be careful to know what they are doing before activating them. 🙂

    There are a bunch of archives plug-ins, a search on this forum or through Google will get you the links.

    Now if I only knew what language your website was in and understood what it all said. 🙂


    @alphaoide: It was KG Archives. However, I’m not sure what caused the problem, so it might have been a combination of things and not just KG Archives. Anyway, I’m writing a more detailed bug report for the author.

    @cypher: It’s in danish 🙂

    In that plugin file, I can see the culprit: the following two separate lines.


    The reasoning. This plugin does intensive database queries (normal for archive query), but then, the way the author set it up, the queries will be executed no matter what page is loaded (index.php, archive.php, page.php, etc). When someone visits the frontpage of your site, the intensive queries are executed for nothing. The queries are executed everytime a Post is displayed (regular Post, or Page Post).

    The author should know by now to execute the plugin in a Page only.

    What’s the “May 1st CSS Reboot”?

    @alphaoide: Thanks, I’ll refer the author to this topic.

    @vkaryl: CSS Reboot

    @kasperd: I’m sorry that happened to you. Problem is fixed now. You can get the updated version at

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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