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  • Hi All,

    First time using wordpress to build a website (never built a website or have any background skills in coding) I built it off line and then transfered it to bluehost. Yes I realized it is a slow web host after purchasing the cheapest option. Cant transfer due to the 60 day shifting domain name. Also it is the cheapest option.

    Using it for an off line store. Installed woocommerce as the base. Child theme boutique from storefront.

    Trying to speed up my website any help would be most appreciated. Used pingdom and got a performance grade of 84-86% with a load time of 16-24 seconds. I was getting load times of 56-65 seconds at first. Deleted unnecessary plugins and images as well as added autoptimize and a few others that I shall put in below. The wait time itself on pingdom was 0.5-10 seconds for the website (domain)

    Current plugins:
    Amr Shortcode Any widget
    Contact Form 7
    Leverage Browser Caching
    Metaslider (Have 4 of these running on the homepage with 3 images each, all the images are reduced)
    Mobile Menu
    Product Enquiry for Woocommerce
    Remove Footer Credit
    Remove Query strings from Static Resources
    Simple full screen background image
    Social media and share icons
    Storefront product sharing
    Storefront sticky add to cart
    Woo checkout field editor pro
    Woocommerce Advanced free shipping
    Woocommerce custom product tabs lite
    Woocommerce customizer
    Woocommerce extra product sorting options
    Woocommerce remove product sorting
    WP Fastest Cache
    WP Super Cache
    Yoast SEO

    Looking to optimize the speed of my website as much as possible. Do not know coding, hence the reason for so many plugins.

    1) Any plugins available where i can check for plugins that are not in use and delete those plugins?
    2) Any free plugins that will optimize the speed even more? I am hesitant to touch codes although i have inputed a few codes here and there (Mostly copy paste) but nothing major.
    3) Using YOAST for SEO best way to use that?

    Thanks for anyones help. Very much appreciate it. I have looked through a few websites and resources to optimize mine and have done the best I can. But because I lack the background in coding and understanding CSS or JS or the other programing skills I am not sure how to move forward.

    Thanks again 🙂

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Sometimes if you want to speedy up your website, you need to touch the code.

    I just checked your site (first time load and visiting), it took 8-10 seconds to complete the page.

    Have you consider to check all your images size that you’ve uploaded and currently use?

    You can also compress image size in order to achieve more speed of your web loading time

    Let’s see here…

    Yoast is great! Just let it guide you for now when it fusses about something. Later on you can delve deeply into things but for now, just heed any warnings and don’t get super excited about your SEO.

    My Daddy always advised against looking for troubles! The Pingdom Tools are great but you get what you paid (hosting wise) for and that site loaded just fine for me.

    You mentioned being unable to move hosting due to the domain being locked to that registrar who happens to be your host. You just can’t change registrars but if you really need to move hosts you could. You just have to setup the domain to use a different ‘A’ record or else tell it to use a different DNS server.

    You don’t need to do that right now and I see no reason to leave your present host. But you are not actually stuck there if you become dissatisfied.

    You are running two cache plugins… lose one of those.

    Since your site is a store, If it was my site I’d go into dashboard –> settings –> reading and click ‘Your homepage displays’ then select ‘shop’ in the pull-down.

    Now you can rid your site of that image slider plugin since the homepage is replaced now.

    You need to look at what Jetpack can do for you and let it do so to eliminate more plugins like the sharing and Social Media buttons.

    I don’t see you using sidebars so lose the sidebar widget plugins.

    ‘Remove Footer Credit’??? Doing that in a plugin seems really wrong to me when it can be done in a child theme by editing the theme pages and probably costs ‘less horsepower’ to show the credit than to run the plugin each time a page is shown. The ‘footer credit’ is often just a bit of text the customizer will let you edit anyway.

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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your responses, @pramadiputra, When I first started the homepage it was at 60+mb of data due to metaslider and using many images. I cut down the images as well as optimized it for the homepage. The images were 6-7mb per image and I reduced that down to about 150kb per image. Was fixing it all day yesterday and got it down to around 3.5 mb of data on the homepage. For the shop page I would prefer to leave the images high resolution to give the customers a better idea of the products. The images on the shop page are around 1-7 MB at the most, thats when clicking on the product.


    The site loading time is a bit of a bother after doing research and reading that people lose clients/customers if loading time is more than 3-6 seconds. You are right about not leaving the current host, I am intending on staying with them they are fairly easy to use and low cost.

    Any suggestion which cache host I should delete? I used both because they increased my score from 70 to 84-86. If i used one it kept it at 70

    The reason why I made a homepage was to show customers that there are several categories at the same time showing different items available. In the shop page they have an option that shows categories as well as products or just categories by itself but after trying the various styles it just all looked so ugly, I decided to keep it just to a shop page of showing the products. Most of the images here are optimized I think due to the fact that the theme has a built in image reduction.

    I never used jetpack but yes I should look into that. I didnt know it had more options. I only found that out yesterday. I have just been using wordpress/woocommerce and the plugins addons.

    I was planning on adding the sidebar widget plugin for the shop page, introducing a pricing slider as well as categories once i found a good plug in.

    I shall look into the footer credit and see how to remove that rather than use the plugin.

    Will try to get it as minimalistic as possible for the home page. I would like the customers to enjoy the first page rather than them go straight into the shop page. Make it interesting for them and enjoyable. Even if it means a slightly slower first page.

    Thanks again people. Any other suggestions would be most helpful. Due to the fact I dont know coding I am still hesitant to give that a go but will do that for removing the footer and any other things that need coding.

    Many thanks for all your help and suggestions 🙂

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