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  • Parts of my blog, mainly the sidebar and footer, have suddenly just started to laod very slowly, it worked fine a while ago but now it’s so slow it’s unbearable. Is there any way I can make it load at a normal speed again?

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  • The movie things on the top of your sidebar. If you comment those out, do things get faster?

    Loading your site, the status bar in Firefox seems to stick for awhile while trying to load I’ve read posts before that have pointed the finger at some Google ad thingy or their stats programme as being a culprit for painfully slow page loading.

    Good luck,

    Thanks for the suggestions but I’ve tried getting rid of the google ad and also getting rid of the movie pics, but it still returns the same annoying results :s

    niziol: I’m having the same experience right now.

    I’ll have to investigate that. My AdSense text links show up, but full ads are delayed by seconds to tens of seconds.

    I also use Google stats and even after my ads are loaded, the browser still waits after 40 secs for something.
    It could be the last bytes for the ads or the stats call.

    It would be fine if the Google connections had a time out, so the rest of the page would load even if Google service are dead. This time I got my full page after around one minute. Totally unacceptable.

    Do you have a solution?
    I want to keep the ads, but it is important to show my page fast enough not to be ridiculous.

    The problem rectified itself for me, I did take the google ads away for a couple of days but when I reintroduced them they had no effect on the layout at all.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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