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  • My site at has been painfully slow for a while. No matter what theme I try, even if i disable all my plugins, it still takes forever to load. My admin interface is nice and quick as usual, except the “manage” page, which takes a while to load.

    Any ideas? I’ve had a look in error and access log-files, neither told me anything useful.

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  • It could be your host. Do you have any other websites on the same host that you can test the speed with?

    It is definitely your host which seems to have an interconnection network latency.

    Turned out to be the UTW-plugin that left a huuuge number of tags behind in the wp_posteta table. I emptied the table and now my WP is quick as ever. UTW must do something messed up with this table, or maybe I did something messed up with UTW 😉

    i am having this exact problem, but i don’t have whatever the UTW-plufin is. everything was find and then one day it started to get sloooww, like yours, the manage screen too. I didn’t change anything, any ideas? thanks

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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