• It’s very slow. My site has gone down on several occasions and needed them to login and fix things. This is usually at least a 24 hour process – more often 72 hours. Making it rather difficult to use as apart of your crucial functions. Several of there updates have broken the site. I thought it was a cheap alternative but am quickly finding out it’s actually pretty expensive when considering the lost time. Plus things like the invoicing process could be so much better. You give the ability to accumulate time but no ability to actually bill the time. The reports don’t have totals so you have to add up the hours and manually put them on the invoice and manually keep track of what hours have been billed and what hasn’t. Just seemingly common sense items that it can’t do. I don’t think we are keeping it.

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  • Plugin Support Md. Yeasin


    Hi @danigardiner,

    Thanks for your review, it means a lot 🙂

    A website can go down for many reasons.
    You have mentioned that your site has gone down on several occasions. However, an unexpected increase in traffic over a short period of time can wreak havoc on your server. You can contact your server to take useful steps.

    Also, it may be the third-party plugin which conflicts with the plugin updates.
    You can keep a backup of your site and you can reset it to get a quick fix.

    Already, we have those features you have mentioned. In the invoice, We can add working hours and bill on it as you can see the screenshot https://prnt.sc/ozj2io. Also, the report is showing the tracked time of the task as you can see the screenshot https://prnt.sc/ozj2io.

    It seems like you need assistance and we are available to help you. Please send a direct email by using this form. Our team will review and solve your problem.

    Best regards.

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