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  • I have been meaning to ask this forever. When I upload images, I am always careful to put in title,alt text, description and caption. Then I save the file.
    BUT..when I put an image into a page or post the title is never saved.
    What is up with this?

    I always have to open the image on the page and put a title back in.

    ANyone else encounter this? I know this seems like a silly issue but it has been bugging me ever since I started using WP. Is there a solution to this. Or is this something I am doing wrong?

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  • Hello elames. This should be an easy one to crack. Can you pass along your site url and/or theme?

    First thing I’d check is your theme options. It may be configured to hide post titles.


    It happens on every site I do. What does post titles have to do with the images on a page? It it the images I put on the page not thumbnails or feature images.
    Once I open up the image within the page and type in the TITLE again. It saves it. It just does not hold it when I first put it into the MEDIA LIBRARY for use later.

    Sorry about that. I’m still not entirely sure what you’re referring to. You create a new post and select a photo… then you add a “Photo Title” and publish it works? But not if you insert a photo into a text post?

    Ok let me try to explain again. This has happened from the beginning of time.

    1. I upload images to the media library. I put in the title, alt text, description, caption.

    2. When I go to insert an image into a page..fine, but when I open the image to check or alter settings, the TITLE box is ALWAYS EMPTY. So I have to put the title back in.

    So what I want to know is WHY WP doesn’t save the title field on images.
    Doesn’t anyone else have this issue?
    It doesn’t matter what just happens the same way.

    I know exactly what you mean – title is there in the insert media box but disappears when you reopen after adding to a page. Seems like a bug to me.

    I see. Yes… tested and looks like a bug. I’ll pass it on the WP for a future fix.

    thank you. It has been a problem for years and I just now am thinking about it to report 🙁 Don’t know why someone hasn’t seen this before.

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    Probably because we tend to upload media via the page we’re posting on :/

    I can’t reproduce this on trunk WP though.

    1. Upload media via the media library page.

    2. Click ‘edit’ and enter in my content.

    3. Make a new page and insert the post (all the settings are there)

    4. Edit the image in the post. There’s no title… But by this I mean the title field has been removed entirely, making this a null issue.

    lorbach, what’s the ticket you made? Can you link to it here so we can follow it instead?

    Mika… I just added “modlook” to this thread.

    @Iorbach, why did you add the modlook tag? 🙂

    If you made a ticket at please do link it here so others can follow.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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