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    hi,i’m new to wordpress.I want to know is this possible with wp:
    i want to use different authors but only with one author account(something like author alias) and in every open post would have info of that author(on click to open separate page where would be contact info and emailform of that author)It would have about 15 categories and that much “authors”.

    This is something like answers site,but i will post only questions that are answered.

    thanks in advance

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  • Not entirely clear… but it could be my fault.
    However, having 15 authors and ONLY one account – it means only one author profile. Not 15. Does it make sense? You have as many profiles as many accounts.

    Also, each post can only be associated with ONE author (the wp_posts table has one column for post_author). WordPress has no alias ability.

    But you might create a Category that represents each Author, then use tags for more definitive classification purposes.

    i’m not going to use it like a standard blog,users will post questions to different categories(only by mail) i will later post questions with anser in that separe categories.In every category there is a one person that will answer questions only of that category(that is what user must see)in real time answers wil post only by one person(answered questions from that people) ,sorry about my english, if you don’t understand me this is why:)

    thanks,MichaelH. what about author info,is possible to show small author picture and some info of current post and when you click on that author part,shows you full author info and email form(to use like a question form)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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