• The original (legacy) version of this plugin was superior to what’s on offer currently.

    We currently utilise the legacy plugin on over a hundred client platforms integrated with an ICS feed. They do not support legacy users that have used the old plugin for years. They’ve collapsed all of the functionality related to importing events, etc. overnight. Their support is non-responsive and largely unhelpful when faced with reality.

    We have previously attempted to transition one of our clients to the newer version of the plugin which is now solely hosted on their website and iframed on the WP Dashboard. Unfortunately, this proved to be impractical due to significant design and development limitations, as well as decreased flexibility compared to the older version, and significant increase in cost for less features. As such, migrating all platforms to the new version does not make sense nor is it feasible for us.

    We utmost highly recommend seeking an alternative calendar plugin and avoiding future issues.

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