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  • I tried this plugin on my test environment and I must say it works nicely.

    There are no options available and as the plugin author suggests, you must edit the plugin source code if you want to use the various settings available.

    Look for the string “$type=”f”;” and change it with a, b, c, d or e.

    Check out the demo from the script creator to find our the combination that suits you best:

    The combination I’d like is missing though: overlay, activity, caption and close button (basically “f” without the navigation).
    The navigation looks ugly on a smartphone if you have a lot of pictures in your post as it spans on multiple lines.
    It is possible to hack the CSS in order to hide the navigation for a specific media queries.
    @media only screen and (max-width: 960px){
    #imagelightbox-nav {
    display: none;


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